Clash Royale Hack that Works in Seconds

Clash Royale hack that works can be found everywhere whether you are accessing the internet using your mobile phone or using a desktop. There are some available websites that offer you to follow their instructions clearly just to make sure that you close their tabs with satisfying and pleasing grin. They will definitely show you on how their system works and what should all of you do to make it happen. Let us get started right away with all the benefits you can get them at once.


Game Clas Royale


Clash Royale Hack that Works without Banned

Clash Royale cheat trick may be working for some mobile phone or not working for other mobile devices based on the safety protections. It is because mobile devices like iPhone has its own virus protection and the cheat trick will be figured out as the virus although it may not be the virus. If you keep trying to make it happen and you do not care about the protection of your iPhone, jailbreak can be the only solution to insert the cheat trick inside your phone.

In Clash Royale hack that works, whatever the website that has made you feel attracted, you can visit the web and click the button of download if there is any. If there is no link for download, you can directly access the link for entering the codes or username which may be needed during the hack generator processes. There would be columns of both gems and coins to fill in based on what you want that happens in your account of Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Hack that Works without Worry

Clash Royale hack that works for your mobile devices can be the way out of your annoying game in Clash Royale as you can reach the level that you have desired for without waiting for too long. You can cut all the craps and go directly to the ideal level you want. You can beat the people who are weaker than you.

What else do you need to get when you have the ability to skip those levels and have tons of gems and gold without spending even a dollar out of your pocket. This program or application is very safe because there have been lots of people who have left the positive feedbacks and they told the same thing with the mentioned review. That is why it is quite a shame when you do not keep up with the Clash Royale hack that works.

Minions Paradise is another option for Minions Lovers

Minions Paradise

The Minions Paradise is another Minions game besides of Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It can be your solution if you are already bored with the Minion Rush but still want to play something about Minions. EA and Illumination Entertainment develop this game in order to fulfill Minions fans and lover who want to get another gameplay of Minions Rush. Those big game developers know that Minions lovers need another gameplay but still Minions as the main-theme. As the target, mobile phone users such as iOs and Android gamers, they give this game especially for Minions lovers all over the world. Let us see the short review of this game below.

If the Minions Rush depends on endless runner gameplay, the Minions Paradise is the vice versa. This game carries city-building gameplay which is addictive to be played on mobile phone. The story begins with Phil as one of Minions who ruins his friends’ party and holiday. He sinks the cruise of his friends and makes them stranded on a mysterious island. Consequently, we as Phil must make a resort in that island as the apology for his friends and brothers. Of course, it needs many considerations and resources for building a resort obviously.

The gameplay of Minions Paradise forces us to make some facilities, resources and money. Moreover, we have to expand the resort on that island either. The resources are able to be a new item if we crafted them properly. Thus, we need to find the resources to complete the missions and challenges. You can see those missions on the Party Supplies menu. After you completed the mission, you will gain some money and experience. The function of experience here is to level up our resort. The more levels we have, the more Minions we got such as Bob.

There is a tricky system from this game. We know that we will save or store the items which we got from the missions. But, our storage is limited. IF we out of storage, we have to expand it by removing the item or buying expansion with the real money. To sell our item, we need extra effort to do it. The instant way is by using real money to expand our storage. Overall, this game is very fun to be played especially for kids. There are also some mini-games which will be available if we played in certain hours. Perhaps, this is the market strategy from the developers to gain income from Minions Paradise.


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Review

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India

What do you think about the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India so far? After releasing the China version, this game moves abroad into Asia’s ancient places like India. There are no more floating junks like previous game obviously. Otherwise, there are some deep hues and henna patterns everywhere in this game. This game continues the conflict between the Templars and Assassins after-effect of original story. If we have calculated, it is three hundred years later the first war. The goal is to find the legendary artifact called Koh-I-Noor diamond. However, it is only a beginning cut scene which the rest gameplay is the same-taste with the previous series.

When you are playing the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, you will notice a Prince of Persia gameplay. Then, it combines the original gameplay of Assassin’s Creed itself. For your information, the graphic is one level above 2D axis plus some planes and that is all. Some special move such as Jumping and Climbing should be pressed as manual for this time. You just need to hold a button here instead of previous Assassin’s Creed control. One of the worst is the acrobatic movements which come automatically. We have to say that those controls diverge from the original or the main Assassin’s Creed gameplay obviously.

In the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, you will play as Arbazz the rogue. He has big disappointment with the current authority. On the first quest, you need to come inside a high-security palace in order to meet up with the princess or your love one. Playing this game will remind you with the Prince of Persia and see how many things you missed on that game obviously. If we compared it with the China series, this one is much developed and better. In this series, you should be invisible as much as possible in order to increase your score. Mostly, you will hide and stealth and killing those enemies without route.

Overall, we can still see some problems of the previous series in China. Yes, it is about the conflict between Templars and Assassins which never end yet. We have no conclusion for Chronicles series after all. Perhaps, that is the main goal of this series by the way. The protagonist like Arbaaz claims himself to oppose the Assassin Brotherhood in this series. But, the developer always makes this game worthy to be played for all AC livers all over the world especially enjoying some Indian places. The Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India still meets your expectation.