Pocket Mortys How to Play

Pocket Mortys is a new game which is featuring Morty and Rick for the Android and iOS. At this game, you will play as Rick. The purpose of the game is you have to use your Morty in order to catch all of the different Mortys from the other universes, trade, collect, and mind-control them. After that they can sued in order to fight against the imposter Rick and you can claim your place as the real Rick.

There are more than 80 Mortys that you can catch in this Pocket Mortys game, every of which is divided into one of four factors such as scissors, paper, rock, or nothing. You just have to keep a couple of Mortys on you so that they can be swapped constantly in and out as required in order to maintain an elemental advantage. When it comes for you to level up the weak Morty, it can be used in order to start a fight, and then you can attach them once and swap in a strong Morty. Both Mortys will gain experience at the end of the fight.

At the beginning of the Pocket Mortys game, you will find a little bit of grinding, and the easiest and simplest method in order to finish it is to battle all of the trainers of Morty early on, and after that lose to the Rick at the finish of the level. Experience, points, Mortys, items, and Schmeckles can be earned when you battled in the level. You do not have to use the Chitz and Blips tickets, and everything that you need that can be gotten from within the game.

For those of you who want to earn the Schmeckles quickly, it is well recommended for you to do it early on the game and you can go to the IAP store and advertisement videos should be watched. Every one that you complete is going to give you Schmeckles freely. It will be the fastest method early on in order to earn them, but when you enjoy this game and get further and beat enough Ricks, you will enhance the Schmeckle rewards per battle to a degree whcih videos will be worthless nearly.

You can also combine a couple of items. Items can be crafted by combining three or two different other materials or items together. Random item combinations can also be tried at first.


A SimCity Buildit Review for the Average Gamer

With the upcoming of the new SimCity Buildit game, of course there has to be a SimCity Buildit Review for all you gamers out there. Therefore, here is the short and simple review about this game. Essentially, SimCity Buildit is nothing like the classic SimCity gameplay. It is a typical crafting freemium game. Basic factories are employed for creating building block supplies which will be utilized to build the foundation for more complex buildings. These are all needed to improve residencies.

Residencies in turn award you with money, population and experience. The money in cash is needed to build new factories and also to upgrade them, along with other stores and public facilities. Population and experience on the other hand contribute to different systems to unlick new buildings for construction. In the higher levels, players can use those materials for other objectives like catering for shipping orders in exchange for special keys which can be used for constructing buildings of specialty.

Now, let’s give a little SimCity Buildit Review on how fair the game is as a freemium app. All in all, it is pretty fair considering the type of game it is. Although coin shortage can be a usual problem, Simcity Buildit gives you a few avenues to earn more cash, such as other players whom you can sell stuff to and Al who you can sell crafting materials to. Also, if you didn’t already know you can also use Simcity Buildit Hack to get ahead of the game effortlessly.

As we know in many SimCity Buildit Review types, although this game focuses mainly on crafting mechanic, there quite a number of similarities with classic Simcity fare. As you advance further in the game, fire and police coverage are crucial as placing these departments in strategic zones help you get the most out of your money for each building placed. Yes, there are actual building strategies you can go about when it comes to this game. Facets such as power, sewage and also water are important as maintaining and up-keeping them enables you to build more residencies and widen your city.

The best thing about Simcity Buildit has got to be its graphics. As a player, you will have access to a full rotational control of your own town and everything is just so highly detailed to the pixel and looks amazing. Also, everything looks so real, from the cars to the traffic lights, you just can’t keep your eyes off the game. In a nutshell, that was a short summed up SimCity Buildit Review. Like it or hate, it’s up to you.

Smart E-Book Readers To Read Your Favorite Books


Do you think about switching your reading habit from actual book to e-book reader? If you do, ensure that you know the best e-book reader that fits you. Since the lifestyle of book enthusiasts change significantly with the invention of e-books, it is not that surprising, you will discover several selections of smart e-book readers, but which one that is best for you? Ask yourself about your expectation toward the e-book reader, and then match your expectation to particular device that is available at marketplace. Hints for you, these are factors to consider prior buying e-book readers.

Now, pay attention toward the size and the screen type. Most smart e-book readers use E-ink screen that gives almost exact experience like reading the real book. Assist you to read your favorite e-books, you can choose one that offers you with backlit, therefore you can read without light. In addition e-book reader is your best option if you love reading outdoor. Unlike tablet screen, E-ink screen will perform best with bright light. Not to mention, even though you don’t choose one with backlit, if you pick recent model of e-book readers, most of them are equipped with edge lighting.

What kind of screen type to choose? When it comes to this matter, determine about what kind of books that you want to read? Do you expect your e-book reader is more versatile? E-ink screen caters you only monochrome color unlike tablet where you can read various kind of books, like cooking books, comics, and more that include color. So then, if you tend to  mostly read black and white books like novels or some, E-ink screen is worth noting .The standard size of smart e-book readers, it’s 7” to 7.8” for comfortable reading.

Before buying smart e-book readers, ensure that you know about type of wireless connection for your device. Expect for flexibility for your e-book reader, pick one which is integrated with WI-FI and 3G access. The only drawback when it comes to this model is that, the price that is higher compared to one with WI-FI connection only. Consider the format of the e-book as well. Some device can support various popular e-book format, while some are not. Don’t forget to spend some time to learn about e-book stores before deciding what kind of e-book readers to buy, therefore you can get the best selection of books with best prices.

Pixel Gun 3D Cheat for Android Device

For those of you who use Android device and love to play Pixel Gun 3D game, you do not have to worry about the Pixel Gun 3D cheat for Android. There are a couple of different modes that you can get through this game and this cheat tool works well in both game modes. For those of you who want to use Pixel Gun 3D cheat for Android you are in the right place as it will help you to win this game. It is possible that you cannot find the hack tool that you want you will want to learn how to use this Pixel Gun 3D cheat for Android.


How to Deal With the Cheat

When you play this game, it is well recommended for you to play in the multi-player mode. But you often find it is relaxing for you to play single player mode. For those of you who love playing multi or single player mode, you can use this Pixel Gun 3D hack tool.

For those of you who play as a single player, there are only two stages that you can pick. You can play this game in the survival mode or campaign mode. The purpose of when you play in the survival mode or campaign mode is that you have to fight against zombies and you have to kill them as many as possible. You will get a lot of gems and coins when you kill those zombies and monsters and you do not get help from other players.

It is interesting for you to play this game in the multi-player mode. It is cool that you are not limited to 2 or 3 modes of game only in the multi-player mode, rather than you get a total 6 different modes of game under the setting. There are 6 game modes that you can get under player setting and they are point capture, time battle, flag capture, team battle, death match and also the deadly game.

In terms of game mode of death match, you have to kill a lot of players that are also play this game, as the winner should kill most players. The purpose of this game is you have to face them and kill a lot of people in other teams. In the time battle, you have to fight other players in order to kill a lot of enemies during the time that has been set.