Resident Evil 7 and the Effect of Fans’ Complaint

The new Resident Evil 7 will be launched somewhere next week and the developer promises that the game will be different from the previous 2 – meaning that they are going to return to their gaming root again. For the die-hard and loyal fans, this is definitely a good news – but it may not be for some of the other fans.


Resident Evil 7: Gaming in Motion

If you are a loyal fan of the game, you have to admit that playing the original game with the latest ones (especially from the 4, 5, or 6) is completely different. I thought I was the only one having such a feeling but it turns out there are more people out there thinking the same. All of them are emphasizing on the horror genre but instead of focusing on the survival mode, the latest ones have been focusing on action and more horror – well, at least that’s what I thought. I won’t say that it is bad but I would say that it is somehow not so ‘Resident Evil’-ish in the kind of a way.


And it is a good thing that Capcom really understands this and they have decided to make the Resident Evil 7 with the original taste and atmosphere. Jun Takeuchi, Capcom’s executive producer, said that the team has felt that they need to take things slowly and evaluate the progress of the game after the release of Resident Evil 6. They have been asking opinions and feedbacks from fans. And it is a good thing that those fans are stating the same nagging problem that these developers have; which is to make the game return to the original gaming roots. They know that it doesn’t mean that they had made a bad job before but they wanted to preserve the things that make Resident Evil unique and different from the others.


Resident Evil 7 and the Future Planning

It is a good thing that Capcom addresses their fans’ feedbacks and opinions seriously and they are going back to their roots again. For the new Resident Evil 7, the gaming mode will be coming with first person perspective, bringing the thriller and puzzle solving platform as the main focus.


If you are looking for some actions, maybe the 7th series won’t be the perfect option for you. But if you are looking for survival mode, puzzle solving improvement, and a simple scare atmosphere, the Resident Evil 7 will be right up your alley.


Township Guide: Preparing, Creating, and Upgrading Super Region

Township as the game of city building offers the players with Super Regions. It offers you the region sets in wide range in order to create money, items as well as to generally allow the experience of advanced game play. Military Base and Outpost are the smaller Super Regions which are used in this Township warfare and sieges. Every Super Region will get “glowstone” ring to mark their area and to make the area visible for another player when it is created. For towns, the size of ring and Super Region can also increase if the tier of Township is upgraded. Below is the Township guide that consists of some important points when you prepare, create, and upgrade Super Region.

  • Preparing Super Region

This Township guide is about some points you need to keep in mind before creating Super Region. Central structure of Township is Hall region, while central structure of Outpost is CommmandTent. If central structure is destroyed, the outpost or town of that central structure can also be destroyed. Each town’s tier has the required structures. The structure provides beneficial range for a town such as to increase citizen capacity, to produce power for your citizen and town, and to produce the items from mines, quarries, and farms. When you position the Township, you are allowed to consider biomes.

  • Creating Super Region

The next Township guide is related to the things you should know when creating Super Region. When you are going to create Township, you must firstly build CouncilRoom. CouncilRoom itself is the term used to call Hall region of Township’s first tier (Tribe). You can buy it at Township shop using the currency of Township game called Souls. You will be able to create Township of your own after the CouncilRoom is created. After that, you could buy your first Super Region from town shop called Tribe. When you are going to create the Outpost, follow same steps for creating Township.

  • Upgrading Super Region

Firstly, your town has to fulfill the requirements of next tier in Super Region. This is needed to upgrade your Super Region. For example, you will need to create five housing regions into sitting chamber of your tribe. After creating those housing regions, then you are able to upgrade the Tribe into next tier known as Hamlet. You will not only need to prepare, create, and upgrade the Super Region, but also maintain your Super Region and Township power as well as add more people to reach the ultimate win. Besides, to reach the win there is also Township hack that you may want to use as well. Lastly, hopefully this Township guide is useful for you.


Roblox Review for Roblox Survivor Mode

Roblox is a trending game which enables players to create their original and unique world. Some players got creative and make a lot of mode inside the Roblox game as their world. For example, there is a mode called “Roblox Survivor Mode”, which is created by Roblox player. Yet, only countable number of Roblox review has been reviewed this mode. Meanwhile, this is an interesting and unique mode. In this review, we will take a depth look at this mode as well as go over the objective and described gameplay.

This mode’s objective is to survive as one person in an open world map with scattered resources. It seems a little bit overwhelming at first, but once a player gets acquainted with the gameplay, it is pretty fun to play. Essentially, players have to gather rocks, woods, foods, and water to stay alive and to make some defensive items. Players gather rocks and use it as tools, such as an axe and a bucket. They use woods to build shelters, chests, and fire pits.

Another Roblox review for this mode is when you play with this Roblox Survivor mode. You will be impressed with the overall style. It was a bit difficult at first because you start with a very little supply. However, once you build up your house, establish a small tree farm, and started growing some vegetables and fruits like corn, tomato, etc., you will find yourself pretty secured. Some players might use Roblox hack to fast gather their resources. The animal encounter will also be a pretty confusing and disturbing situation, for example bear. To avoid bear, actually you just have to climb up for the hill where it can’t chase you.

Some players will meet each other in some times. But, with a very large map, it is pretty scarce and the communication is extremely limited.  This is very realistic and will give you an eerie feeling of seclusion. However, despite the lack communication, the Roblox review for this game is pretty high.

Roblox Survivor mode is published on March 14, 2013. Only in one month, the mode acquired more than 680,000 visitors with averages about 22,000 visitors per day. The mode is playable for all ages since the nature of the game is not really violence. As a matter of fact, this mode is a good job which posts a pop game. This is a really good mode for survival enthusiasts and a max Roblox review is addressed to this mode.