A SimCity Buildit Review for the Average Gamer

With the upcoming of the new SimCity Buildit game, of course there has to be a SimCity Buildit Review for all you gamers out there. Therefore, here is the short and simple review about this game. Essentially, SimCity Buildit is nothing like the classic SimCity gameplay. It is a typical crafting freemium game. Basic factories are employed for creating building block supplies which will be utilized to build the foundation for more complex buildings. These are all needed to improve residencies.

Residencies in turn award you with money, population and experience. The money in cash is needed to build new factories and also to upgrade them, along with other stores and public facilities. Population and experience on the other hand contribute to different systems to unlick new buildings for construction. In the higher levels, players can use those materials for other objectives like catering for shipping orders in exchange for special keys which can be used for constructing buildings of specialty.

Now, let’s give a little SimCity Buildit Review on how fair the game is as a freemium app. All in all, it is pretty fair considering the type of game it is. Although coin shortage can be a usual problem, Simcity Buildit gives you a few avenues to earn more cash, such as other players whom you can sell stuff to and Al who you can sell crafting materials to. Also, if you didn’t already know you can also use Simcity Buildit Hack to get ahead of the game effortlessly.

As we know in many SimCity Buildit Review types, although this game focuses mainly on crafting mechanic, there quite a number of similarities with classic Simcity fare. As you advance further in the game, fire and police coverage are crucial as placing these departments in strategic zones help you get the most out of your money for each building placed. Yes, there are actual building strategies you can go about when it comes to this game. Facets such as power, sewage and also water are important as maintaining and up-keeping them enables you to build more residencies and widen your city.

The best thing about Simcity Buildit has got to be its graphics. As a player, you will have access to a full rotational control of your own town and everything is just so highly detailed to the pixel and looks amazing. Also, everything looks so real, from the cars to the traffic lights, you just can’t keep your eyes off the game. In a nutshell, that was a short summed up SimCity Buildit Review. Like it or hate, it’s up to you.