Resident Evil 7 and the Effect of Fans’ Complaint

The new Resident Evil 7 will be launched somewhere next week and the developer promises that the game will be different from the previous 2 – meaning that they are going to return to their gaming root again. For the die-hard and loyal fans, this is definitely a good news – but it may not be for some of the other fans.


Resident Evil 7: Gaming in Motion

If you are a loyal fan of the game, you have to admit that playing the original game with the latest ones (especially from the 4, 5, or 6) is completely different. I thought I was the only one having such a feeling but it turns out there are more people out there thinking the same. All of them are emphasizing on the horror genre but instead of focusing on the survival mode, the latest ones have been focusing on action and more horror – well, at least that’s what I thought. I won’t say that it is bad but I would say that it is somehow not so ‘Resident Evil’-ish in the kind of a way.


And it is a good thing that Capcom really understands this and they have decided to make the Resident Evil 7 with the original taste and atmosphere. Jun Takeuchi, Capcom’s executive producer, said that the team has felt that they need to take things slowly and evaluate the progress of the game after the release of Resident Evil 6. They have been asking opinions and feedbacks from fans. And it is a good thing that those fans are stating the same nagging problem that these developers have; which is to make the game return to the original gaming roots. They know that it doesn’t mean that they had made a bad job before but they wanted to preserve the things that make Resident Evil unique and different from the others.


Resident Evil 7 and the Future Planning

It is a good thing that Capcom addresses their fans’ feedbacks and opinions seriously and they are going back to their roots again. For the new Resident Evil 7, the gaming mode will be coming with first person perspective, bringing the thriller and puzzle solving platform as the main focus.


If you are looking for some actions, maybe the 7th series won’t be the perfect option for you. But if you are looking for survival mode, puzzle solving improvement, and a simple scare atmosphere, the Resident Evil 7 will be right up your alley.


Township Guide: Preparing, Creating, and Upgrading Super Region

Township as the game of city building offers the players with Super Regions. It offers you the region sets in wide range in order to create money, items as well as to generally allow the experience of advanced game play. Military Base and Outpost are the smaller Super Regions which are used in this Township warfare and sieges. Every Super Region will get “glowstone” ring to mark their area and to make the area visible for another player when it is created. For towns, the size of ring and Super Region can also increase if the tier of Township is upgraded. Below is the Township guide that consists of some important points when you prepare, create, and upgrade Super Region.

  • Preparing Super Region

This Township guide is about some points you need to keep in mind before creating Super Region. Central structure of Township is Hall region, while central structure of Outpost is CommmandTent. If central structure is destroyed, the outpost or town of that central structure can also be destroyed. Each town’s tier has the required structures. The structure provides beneficial range for a town such as to increase citizen capacity, to produce power for your citizen and town, and to produce the items from mines, quarries, and farms. When you position the Township, you are allowed to consider biomes.

  • Creating Super Region

The next Township guide is related to the things you should know when creating Super Region. When you are going to create Township, you must firstly build CouncilRoom. CouncilRoom itself is the term used to call Hall region of Township’s first tier (Tribe). You can buy it at Township shop using the currency of Township game called Souls. You will be able to create Township of your own after the CouncilRoom is created. After that, you could buy your first Super Region from town shop called Tribe. When you are going to create the Outpost, follow same steps for creating Township.

  • Upgrading Super Region

Firstly, your town has to fulfill the requirements of next tier in Super Region. This is needed to upgrade your Super Region. For example, you will need to create five housing regions into sitting chamber of your tribe. After creating those housing regions, then you are able to upgrade the Tribe into next tier known as Hamlet. You will not only need to prepare, create, and upgrade the Super Region, but also maintain your Super Region and Township power as well as add more people to reach the ultimate win. Besides, to reach the win there is also Township hack that you may want to use as well. Lastly, hopefully this Township guide is useful for you.


Roblox Review for Roblox Survivor Mode

Roblox is a trending game which enables players to create their original and unique world. Some players got creative and make a lot of mode inside the Roblox game as their world. For example, there is a mode called “Roblox Survivor Mode”, which is created by Roblox player. Yet, only countable number of Roblox review has been reviewed this mode. Meanwhile, this is an interesting and unique mode. In this review, we will take a depth look at this mode as well as go over the objective and described gameplay.

This mode’s objective is to survive as one person in an open world map with scattered resources. It seems a little bit overwhelming at first, but once a player gets acquainted with the gameplay, it is pretty fun to play. Essentially, players have to gather rocks, woods, foods, and water to stay alive and to make some defensive items. Players gather rocks and use it as tools, such as an axe and a bucket. They use woods to build shelters, chests, and fire pits.

Another Roblox review for this mode is when you play with this Roblox Survivor mode. You will be impressed with the overall style. It was a bit difficult at first because you start with a very little supply. However, once you build up your house, establish a small tree farm, and started growing some vegetables and fruits like corn, tomato, etc., you will find yourself pretty secured. Some players might use Roblox hack to fast gather their resources. The animal encounter will also be a pretty confusing and disturbing situation, for example bear. To avoid bear, actually you just have to climb up for the hill where it can’t chase you.

Some players will meet each other in some times. But, with a very large map, it is pretty scarce and the communication is extremely limited.  This is very realistic and will give you an eerie feeling of seclusion. However, despite the lack communication, the Roblox review for this game is pretty high.

Roblox Survivor mode is published on March 14, 2013. Only in one month, the mode acquired more than 680,000 visitors with averages about 22,000 visitors per day. The mode is playable for all ages since the nature of the game is not really violence. As a matter of fact, this mode is a good job which posts a pop game. This is a really good mode for survival enthusiasts and a max Roblox review is addressed to this mode.

Pocket Mortys How to Play

Pocket Mortys is a new game which is featuring Morty and Rick for the Android and iOS. At this game, you will play as Rick. The purpose of the game is you have to use your Morty in order to catch all of the different Mortys from the other universes, trade, collect, and mind-control them. After that they can sued in order to fight against the imposter Rick and you can claim your place as the real Rick.

There are more than 80 Mortys that you can catch in this Pocket Mortys game, every of which is divided into one of four factors such as scissors, paper, rock, or nothing. You just have to keep a couple of Mortys on you so that they can be swapped constantly in and out as required in order to maintain an elemental advantage. When it comes for you to level up the weak Morty, it can be used in order to start a fight, and then you can attach them once and swap in a strong Morty. Both Mortys will gain experience at the end of the fight.

At the beginning of the Pocket Mortys game, you will find a little bit of grinding, and the easiest and simplest method in order to finish it is to battle all of the trainers of Morty early on, and after that lose to the Rick at the finish of the level. Experience, points, Mortys, items, and Schmeckles can be earned when you battled in the level. You do not have to use the Chitz and Blips tickets, and everything that you need that can be gotten from within the game.

For those of you who want to earn the Schmeckles quickly, it is well recommended for you to do it early on the game and you can go to the IAP store and advertisement videos should be watched. Every one that you complete is going to give you Schmeckles freely. It will be the fastest method early on in order to earn them, but when you enjoy this game and get further and beat enough Ricks, you will enhance the Schmeckle rewards per battle to a degree whcih videos will be worthless nearly.

You can also combine a couple of items. Items can be crafted by combining three or two different other materials or items together. Random item combinations can also be tried at first.


A SimCity Buildit Review for the Average Gamer

With the upcoming of the new SimCity Buildit game, of course there has to be a SimCity Buildit Review for all you gamers out there. Therefore, here is the short and simple review about this game. Essentially, SimCity Buildit is nothing like the classic SimCity gameplay. It is a typical crafting freemium game. Basic factories are employed for creating building block supplies which will be utilized to build the foundation for more complex buildings. These are all needed to improve residencies.

Residencies in turn award you with money, population and experience. The money in cash is needed to build new factories and also to upgrade them, along with other stores and public facilities. Population and experience on the other hand contribute to different systems to unlick new buildings for construction. In the higher levels, players can use those materials for other objectives like catering for shipping orders in exchange for special keys which can be used for constructing buildings of specialty.

Now, let’s give a little SimCity Buildit Review on how fair the game is as a freemium app. All in all, it is pretty fair considering the type of game it is. Although coin shortage can be a usual problem, Simcity Buildit gives you a few avenues to earn more cash, such as other players whom you can sell stuff to and Al who you can sell crafting materials to. Also, if you didn’t already know you can also use Simcity Buildit Hack to get ahead of the game effortlessly.

As we know in many SimCity Buildit Review types, although this game focuses mainly on crafting mechanic, there quite a number of similarities with classic Simcity fare. As you advance further in the game, fire and police coverage are crucial as placing these departments in strategic zones help you get the most out of your money for each building placed. Yes, there are actual building strategies you can go about when it comes to this game. Facets such as power, sewage and also water are important as maintaining and up-keeping them enables you to build more residencies and widen your city.

The best thing about Simcity Buildit has got to be its graphics. As a player, you will have access to a full rotational control of your own town and everything is just so highly detailed to the pixel and looks amazing. Also, everything looks so real, from the cars to the traffic lights, you just can’t keep your eyes off the game. In a nutshell, that was a short summed up SimCity Buildit Review. Like it or hate, it’s up to you.

Pixel Gun 3D Cheat for Android Device

For those of you who use Android device and love to play Pixel Gun 3D game, you do not have to worry about the Pixel Gun 3D cheat for Android. There are a couple of different modes that you can get through this game and this cheat tool works well in both game modes. For those of you who want to use Pixel Gun 3D cheat for Android you are in the right place as it will help you to win this game. It is possible that you cannot find the hack tool that you want you will want to learn how to use this Pixel Gun 3D cheat for Android.


How to Deal With the Cheat

When you play this game, it is well recommended for you to play in the multi-player mode. But you often find it is relaxing for you to play single player mode. For those of you who love playing multi or single player mode, you can use this Pixel Gun 3D hack tool.

For those of you who play as a single player, there are only two stages that you can pick. You can play this game in the survival mode or campaign mode. The purpose of when you play in the survival mode or campaign mode is that you have to fight against zombies and you have to kill them as many as possible. You will get a lot of gems and coins when you kill those zombies and monsters and you do not get help from other players.

It is interesting for you to play this game in the multi-player mode. It is cool that you are not limited to 2 or 3 modes of game only in the multi-player mode, rather than you get a total 6 different modes of game under the setting. There are 6 game modes that you can get under player setting and they are point capture, time battle, flag capture, team battle, death match and also the deadly game.

In terms of game mode of death match, you have to kill a lot of players that are also play this game, as the winner should kill most players. The purpose of this game is you have to face them and kill a lot of people in other teams. In the time battle, you have to fight other players in order to kill a lot of enemies during the time that has been set.

Pokemon Go Hack Without Computer Using Tutuapp

Download Pokemon GO

There is an easy way that you can do in order to get Pokemon Go hack without computer by using tutuapp. By using this application, you do not have to root access your Android device. In this article, you will get explanation about how to deal with Pokemon Go by using Tutuapp. A couple of developers come with many hacks which have been released for Pokemon Go but most of those hacks do not work at all. It looks like Niantec have been dealing with this situation by giving ever new update.

You probably think that what Tutuapp is. You can call it as an application but a couple of other people think it is hack. Tutuapp is application store from China or you can also say online inventory that you can visit in order to download a couple of free games and apps that have been cracked. This application is also named Bunny Assistant because it has rabbit as its logo. This article will give guide on how to download Pokemon Go hack without computer by using Tutuapp.

The Method

You probably know more about PokemonGoAnywhere. This hack is applied in order for tap to walk in Pokemon Go. But this application is not working as many users reported. So if you want to get Pokemon Go hack without computer, you have to download Tutuapp and then Pokemon Go should installed and Pokemon Go real life walking will be hacked by it. You can find emulator control joystick in the game. By pressing the emulator joystick, you can run or walk in Pokemon Go.

These are a couple of steps that you have to follow in order to apply this trick. First of all you have to unlock your tablet or phone and then you have to launch the browser. After that you have to type Now the official application of Tutuapp will open. The next step that you have to do is tapping the big Green button in order to download it.

After the download process is done, you can go Settings and then security. In this stage you have to enable the unknown sources. It is the perfect time to install tutuapp. Now, you have to launch the application. Pokemon Go will be seen on the top. The green button should be tapped which is located next to it. You will be asked by the device to open it in browser. Choose the browser and it will open the link. The game will be downloaded. Tap install and then go to apps drawer and Pokemon Go can be opened.

Boom Beach Hack No Survey but Worry Free

Boom Beach hack no survey might be the solely answer that most people have ever sought. When a website claims that they can provide the hack tool or the hack generator without having to deal with any kinds of installments and also surveys, it is the right place that you should have visited earlier. You get everything you want to have so badly without any kinds of requirements in return. When you have already found the best website that can offer you this kind of feature, you will feel like your playing time should have been longer.


Boom Beach Hack Trusted


Boom Beach Hack No Survey

As a player of the Boom Beach, you must know all the hardship and the long process that you have to pass through to get more points to increase your current level. You have to earn point by point to be able to fit the proper requirements to reach new level. Probably for the first level, it requires short time to turn to the second level. In fact when you have reached more than 50 level, it takes days or even weeks to enjoy the new level.

When the buildings you are currently expanding have successfully been expanded, you will get the points but they are not much. The more you play the game, the better score you will get in the future. Boom Beach hack no survey exists for those people who need help to reach better level faster than they normally could. It speeds up all the current progress that you have in your game so that there would be no more time for waiting the building upgrade takes too much time.

Boom Beach hack no survey can be used either for the beginners or the experts who want to have the shortcuts instead dealing with a few points earning for weeks. This hack tool can be accessed by using your computer after entering both the username and the password as well. Then it might take a few minutes for the program to interconnect the system and your game account. Finally, you can just enter the number of everything that you need. Then you can enjoy the game merrily and happily. There would be no grief and sadness playing the Boom Beach. As a matter of fact, although it does not work legally, people are still benefitted by the help of Boom Beach hack no survey.


Cuphead Preview And Gameplay


Cuphead is a run-and-gun 3D sidescroller published for Xbox One and on Steam. In the age of photo-realism, there is a unique art-style in the game as it reminds you a vintage cartoon from the 1940s. The detailing features the gritty film marks that look similar to the Fleischer Studios’ odd animations and Steamboat Willie by Disney. It is really simple for the story for Cuphead. The protagonist and his friend Mugman have foolishly given their souls to the lord of hell in a bet. Bidding of devil is the only way to get their souls back. This can be done by track down and defeat several strange monsters.

Cuphead Gameplay

With graphic as a top down map similar to that classic RPG, a central hub allows gamers to enter any of the boss fights. There are the different bosses Players can roll along and choose the one they want. Bosses are named with funny names that cue how they look and attack. Missions are painful in one of the Boss Battles. Similar to Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, players will be success with fast reflexes, quick timing, and the compliance to persist regardless of it sometimes feels like absolute excess. It will undoubtedly begin to look frighteningly creepy with the thick smile of some of enemy at the beginning of the game. Those who are timid should avoid playing Cuphead since there is no place for mistakes when playing it.

Cuphead Battles

It feels like impossible to defeat Bosses at first as because compared to the character’s small figure they look really massive. It is not possible to know how much damage you deal toward the enemies in Cuphead as there is no kind of health bar of the enemies. You have to keep landing strikes onto bosses and defeat them to discover how far you’ve managed to progress the level. The best tip to defeat bosses is to watch. Study their rhythm of assault and dodge any attacks of the Boss and then quickly deal out damage. This method is much the same with that of Bloodborne.

But, be warned as the Boss can send an attack suddenly and quickly just when you think you have an effective strategy to deal damage. This may cause players to lose the best strategy patters established and even kills you immediately in the worst scenario. It is likely you will die several time fighting bosses since you will need persistent effort of testing and mistake to defeat all the Bosses in Cuphead.

Clash Royale Hack that Works in Seconds

Clash Royale hack that works can be found everywhere whether you are accessing the internet using your mobile phone or using a desktop. There are some available websites that offer you to follow their instructions clearly just to make sure that you close their tabs with satisfying and pleasing grin. They will definitely show you on how their system works and what should all of you do to make it happen. Let us get started right away with all the benefits you can get them at once.


Game Clas Royale


Clash Royale Hack that Works without Banned

Clash Royale cheat trick may be working for some mobile phone or not working for other mobile devices based on the safety protections. It is because mobile devices like iPhone has its own virus protection and the cheat trick will be figured out as the virus although it may not be the virus. If you keep trying to make it happen and you do not care about the protection of your iPhone, jailbreak can be the only solution to insert the cheat trick inside your phone.

In Clash Royale hack that works, whatever the website that has made you feel attracted, you can visit the web and click the button of download if there is any. If there is no link for download, you can directly access the link for entering the codes or username which may be needed during the hack generator processes. There would be columns of both gems and coins to fill in based on what you want that happens in your account of Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Hack that Works without Worry

Clash Royale hack that works for your mobile devices can be the way out of your annoying game in Clash Royale as you can reach the level that you have desired for without waiting for too long. You can cut all the craps and go directly to the ideal level you want. You can beat the people who are weaker than you.

What else do you need to get when you have the ability to skip those levels and have tons of gems and gold without spending even a dollar out of your pocket. This program or application is very safe because there have been lots of people who have left the positive feedbacks and they told the same thing with the mentioned review. That is why it is quite a shame when you do not keep up with the Clash Royale hack that works.

Minions Paradise is another option for Minions Lovers

Minions Paradise

The Minions Paradise is another Minions game besides of Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It can be your solution if you are already bored with the Minion Rush but still want to play something about Minions. EA and Illumination Entertainment develop this game in order to fulfill Minions fans and lover who want to get another gameplay of Minions Rush. Those big game developers know that Minions lovers need another gameplay but still Minions as the main-theme. As the target, mobile phone users such as iOs and Android gamers, they give this game especially for Minions lovers all over the world. Let us see the short review of this game below.

If the Minions Rush depends on endless runner gameplay, the Minions Paradise is the vice versa. This game carries city-building gameplay which is addictive to be played on mobile phone. The story begins with Phil as one of Minions who ruins his friends’ party and holiday. He sinks the cruise of his friends and makes them stranded on a mysterious island. Consequently, we as Phil must make a resort in that island as the apology for his friends and brothers. Of course, it needs many considerations and resources for building a resort obviously.

The gameplay of Minions Paradise forces us to make some facilities, resources and money. Moreover, we have to expand the resort on that island either. The resources are able to be a new item if we crafted them properly. Thus, we need to find the resources to complete the missions and challenges. You can see those missions on the Party Supplies menu. After you completed the mission, you will gain some money and experience. The function of experience here is to level up our resort. The more levels we have, the more Minions we got such as Bob.

There is a tricky system from this game. We know that we will save or store the items which we got from the missions. But, our storage is limited. IF we out of storage, we have to expand it by removing the item or buying expansion with the real money. To sell our item, we need extra effort to do it. The instant way is by using real money to expand our storage. Overall, this game is very fun to be played especially for kids. There are also some mini-games which will be available if we played in certain hours. Perhaps, this is the market strategy from the developers to gain income from Minions Paradise.


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Review

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India

What do you think about the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India so far? After releasing the China version, this game moves abroad into Asia’s ancient places like India. There are no more floating junks like previous game obviously. Otherwise, there are some deep hues and henna patterns everywhere in this game. This game continues the conflict between the Templars and Assassins after-effect of original story. If we have calculated, it is three hundred years later the first war. The goal is to find the legendary artifact called Koh-I-Noor diamond. However, it is only a beginning cut scene which the rest gameplay is the same-taste with the previous series.

When you are playing the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, you will notice a Prince of Persia gameplay. Then, it combines the original gameplay of Assassin’s Creed itself. For your information, the graphic is one level above 2D axis plus some planes and that is all. Some special move such as Jumping and Climbing should be pressed as manual for this time. You just need to hold a button here instead of previous Assassin’s Creed control. One of the worst is the acrobatic movements which come automatically. We have to say that those controls diverge from the original or the main Assassin’s Creed gameplay obviously.

In the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, you will play as Arbazz the rogue. He has big disappointment with the current authority. On the first quest, you need to come inside a high-security palace in order to meet up with the princess or your love one. Playing this game will remind you with the Prince of Persia and see how many things you missed on that game obviously. If we compared it with the China series, this one is much developed and better. In this series, you should be invisible as much as possible in order to increase your score. Mostly, you will hide and stealth and killing those enemies without route.

Overall, we can still see some problems of the previous series in China. Yes, it is about the conflict between Templars and Assassins which never end yet. We have no conclusion for Chronicles series after all. Perhaps, that is the main goal of this series by the way. The protagonist like Arbaaz claims himself to oppose the Assassin Brotherhood in this series. But, the developer always makes this game worthy to be played for all AC livers all over the world especially enjoying some Indian places. The Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India still meets your expectation.