Flying Device For Human: Flyboard Air, Solution For Bad Traffic

Flying device for human might be rare, there are still no sophisticated device for human that can be used for flying by themselves except the airplanes. The flying device that we had right now is not made for flying but only for gliding. But now, Frank Zapata is already make a sophisticated flying device for humans.

Flyboard Air, this device is similar with the Green Goblin’s flying board in Spiderman movies, but unfortunately Zapata is not saying a specific specification of the Flyboard Air. Heonly said that this Flyboard Air could fly up until 10,000 feet, with up to 150km/hours speed.

Having a flying device is sure good for humans, but there must be pros and cons for every device, and here are some Flyingboard Air pros and cons:


  1. No more Traffic

If humans are using this device there must be no more traffic, road will be a less crowded because humans are starting to fly.

  1. Fast

If you have this flying device you could get to your destination faster, because this device could fly up to 150km/hours.

  1. Cool Design

We all agree that this device is having a great design, it is black and so futuristic, every man on earth must have imagined how it feels to fly around by himself like a superman.

  1. Efficient

With this flying device you need no more gas and oil, and no more money to use public transportation.


  1. Dangerous

It is surely dangerous if this device is being used by people who are not qualified to ride it. So there must be some license for people who wants to have it and use it.

  1. Criminal

And if the criminals get this device, it must be easier for them to do criminals thing because after they did it, they could escape really fast with this device.

  1. More Accident

Less accident in the road, but more in the air. And it would be more dangerous, if there is an accident in the air, the broken parts of the device could hit and harm the people under it.

  1. Hacked

Since this device is running by software, it is not impossible to hack this device. Some bad people must find a way to do bad things with this device.

But for now let just hope that this flying device for human could immediately become one of transportation for human. And if that really happen, the government should make rules and regulations for it, like a license for everyone who wants to ride it. Hope this flying device could help human in finding more ideas to make more flying device for human.

Smart E-Book Readers To Read Your Favorite Books


Do you think about switching your reading habit from actual book to e-book reader? If you do, ensure that you know the best e-book reader that fits you. Since the lifestyle of book enthusiasts change significantly with the invention of e-books, it is not that surprising, you will discover several selections of smart e-book readers, but which one that is best for you? Ask yourself about your expectation toward the e-book reader, and then match your expectation to particular device that is available at marketplace. Hints for you, these are factors to consider prior buying e-book readers.

Now, pay attention toward the size and the screen type. Most smart e-book readers use E-ink screen that gives almost exact experience like reading the real book. Assist you to read your favorite e-books, you can choose one that offers you with backlit, therefore you can read without light. In addition e-book reader is your best option if you love reading outdoor. Unlike tablet screen, E-ink screen will perform best with bright light. Not to mention, even though you don’t choose one with backlit, if you pick recent model of e-book readers, most of them are equipped with edge lighting.

What kind of screen type to choose? When it comes to this matter, determine about what kind of books that you want to read? Do you expect your e-book reader is more versatile? E-ink screen caters you only monochrome color unlike tablet where you can read various kind of books, like cooking books, comics, and more that include color. So then, if you tend to  mostly read black and white books like novels or some, E-ink screen is worth noting .The standard size of smart e-book readers, it’s 7” to 7.8” for comfortable reading.

Before buying smart e-book readers, ensure that you know about type of wireless connection for your device. Expect for flexibility for your e-book reader, pick one which is integrated with WI-FI and 3G access. The only drawback when it comes to this model is that, the price that is higher compared to one with WI-FI connection only. Consider the format of the e-book as well. Some device can support various popular e-book format, while some are not. Don’t forget to spend some time to learn about e-book stores before deciding what kind of e-book readers to buy, therefore you can get the best selection of books with best prices.