Smart E-Book Readers To Read Your Favorite Books


Do you think about switching your reading habit from actual book to e-book reader? If you do, ensure that you know the best e-book reader that fits you. Since the lifestyle of book enthusiasts change significantly with the invention of e-books, it is not that surprising, you will discover several selections of smart e-book readers, but which one that is best for you? Ask yourself about your expectation toward the e-book reader, and then match your expectation to particular device that is available at marketplace. Hints for you, these are factors to consider prior buying e-book readers.

Now, pay attention toward the size and the screen type. Most smart e-book readers use E-ink screen that gives almost exact experience like reading the real book. Assist you to read your favorite e-books, you can choose one that offers you with backlit, therefore you can read without light. In addition e-book reader is your best option if you love reading outdoor. Unlike tablet screen, E-ink screen will perform best with bright light. Not to mention, even though you don’t choose one with backlit, if you pick recent model of e-book readers, most of them are equipped with edge lighting.

What kind of screen type to choose? When it comes to this matter, determine about what kind of books that you want to read? Do you expect your e-book reader is more versatile? E-ink screen caters you only monochrome color unlike tablet where you can read various kind of books, like cooking books, comics, and more that include color. So then, if you tend to  mostly read black and white books like novels or some, E-ink screen is worth noting .The standard size of smart e-book readers, it’s 7” to 7.8” for comfortable reading.

Before buying smart e-book readers, ensure that you know about type of wireless connection for your device. Expect for flexibility for your e-book reader, pick one which is integrated with WI-FI and 3G access. The only drawback when it comes to this model is that, the price that is higher compared to one with WI-FI connection only. Consider the format of the e-book as well. Some device can support various popular e-book format, while some are not. Don’t forget to spend some time to learn about e-book stores before deciding what kind of e-book readers to buy, therefore you can get the best selection of books with best prices.

The Latest Tech Gadgets 2016


For those of you who love to spend your time at home or in your office and even on the go, there are a couple of brand new tech gadgets that you can use in order to make your life easier and offer a couple of advantages during your daily activity. There are a couple of tech gadgets that you have to consider such as charging options for mobile devices, keyboard and earbuds, unlimited external storage devices for desktops, laptops, and iOS devices, a versatile 2 in 1 tablet and Bluetooth-enabled speaker. In this article, you will find a couple of tech gadgets that you have to consider adding to your bag. You have to make sure that you will find great tech gadgets that are suitable for your daily activity.

Dash-i Micro SD Reader

Dash-i is claimed as the smallest external storage for iOS whcih is the MicroSD card reader that can be used for iOS mobile devices that will give you unlimited capabilities of external storage. This card reader is made by aircraft-grade aluminium casing that can be attached to a key ring and you can take it everywhere you go. This card reader comes with MicroSD card with any capacity and you are allowed in order to access and store video, music, photos and much more. You can also protect the files using password and the files can be backed up from iOS mobile devices.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap is a portable and wireless Bluetooth speaker. You just have to tap the microphone button and you can get music from TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and Prime Music. The Alexa Voice Service is used by the device when connected to mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi in order to order pizza, provide weather reports, read the news, and to play music. This Bluetooth speaker comes with the sound which has been powered by Dolby and also dual stereo speakers which offer 360-degree audio.


RippleBuds is the smartest Bluetooth earbuds in the world which is featured by in-ear microphone system. The human voice can be captured by the earbuds from within the ear and can reduce the noise by 30 decibels, so you can still hear even in the noisiest places. The perfect thing from this earbuds is that you can also enjoy the music from your Bluetooth devices. This is one of the best tech gadgets that you must have, especially for those of you who love to play music.