Cuphead Preview And Gameplay


Cuphead is a run-and-gun 3D sidescroller published for Xbox One and on Steam. In the age of photo-realism, there is a unique art-style in the game as it reminds you a vintage cartoon from the 1940s. The detailing features the gritty film marks that look similar to the Fleischer Studios’ odd animations and Steamboat Willie by Disney. It is really simple for the story for Cuphead. The protagonist and his friend Mugman have foolishly given their souls to the lord of hell in a bet. Bidding of devil is the only way to get their souls back. This can be done by track down and defeat several strange monsters.

Cuphead Gameplay

With graphic as a top down map similar to that classic RPG, a central hub allows gamers to enter any of the boss fights. There are the different bosses Players can roll along and choose the one they want. Bosses are named with funny names that cue how they look and attack. Missions are painful in one of the Boss Battles. Similar to Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, players will be success with fast reflexes, quick timing, and the compliance to persist regardless of it sometimes feels like absolute excess. It will undoubtedly begin to look frighteningly creepy with the thick smile of some of enemy at the beginning of the game. Those who are timid should avoid playing Cuphead since there is no place for mistakes when playing it.

Cuphead Battles

It feels like impossible to defeat Bosses at first as because compared to the character’s small figure they look really massive. It is not possible to know how much damage you deal toward the enemies in Cuphead as there is no kind of health bar of the enemies. You have to keep landing strikes onto bosses and defeat them to discover how far you’ve managed to progress the level. The best tip to defeat bosses is to watch. Study their rhythm of assault and dodge any attacks of the Boss and then quickly deal out damage. This method is much the same with that of Bloodborne.

But, be warned as the Boss can send an attack suddenly and quickly just when you think you have an effective strategy to deal damage. This may cause players to lose the best strategy patters established and even kills you immediately in the worst scenario. It is likely you will die several time fighting bosses since you will need persistent effort of testing and mistake to defeat all the Bosses in Cuphead.