Minions Paradise is another option for Minions Lovers

Minions Paradise

The Minions Paradise is another Minions game besides of Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It can be your solution if you are already bored with the Minion Rush but still want to play something about Minions. EA and Illumination Entertainment develop this game in order to fulfill Minions fans and lover who want to get another gameplay of Minions Rush. Those big game developers know that Minions lovers need another gameplay but still Minions as the main-theme. As the target, mobile phone users such as iOs and Android gamers, they give this game especially for Minions lovers all over the world. Let us see the short review of this game below.

If the Minions Rush depends on endless runner gameplay, the Minions Paradise is the vice versa. This game carries city-building gameplay which is addictive to be played on mobile phone. The story begins with Phil as one of Minions who ruins his friends’ party and holiday. He sinks the cruise of his friends and makes them stranded on a mysterious island. Consequently, we as Phil must make a resort in that island as the apology for his friends and brothers. Of course, it needs many considerations and resources for building a resort obviously.

The gameplay of Minions Paradise forces us to make some facilities, resources and money. Moreover, we have to expand the resort on that island either. The resources are able to be a new item if we crafted them properly. Thus, we need to find the resources to complete the missions and challenges. You can see those missions on the Party Supplies menu. After you completed the mission, you will gain some money and experience. The function of experience here is to level up our resort. The more levels we have, the more Minions we got such as Bob.

There is a tricky system from this game. We know that we will save or store the items which we got from the missions. But, our storage is limited. IF we out of storage, we have to expand it by removing the item or buying expansion with the real money. To sell our item, we need extra effort to do it. The instant way is by using real money to expand our storage. Overall, this game is very fun to be played especially for kids. There are also some mini-games which will be available if we played in certain hours. Perhaps, this is the market strategy from the developers to gain income from Minions Paradise.