Roblox Review for Roblox Survivor Mode

Roblox is a trending game which enables players to create their original and unique world. Some players got creative and make a lot of mode inside the Roblox game as their world. For example, there is a mode called “Roblox Survivor Mode”, which is created by Roblox player. Yet, only countable number of Roblox review has been reviewed this mode. Meanwhile, this is an interesting and unique mode. In this review, we will take a depth look at this mode as well as go over the objective and described gameplay.

This mode’s objective is to survive as one person in an open world map with scattered resources. It seems a little bit overwhelming at first, but once a player gets acquainted with the gameplay, it is pretty fun to play. Essentially, players have to gather rocks, woods, foods, and water to stay alive and to make some defensive items. Players gather rocks and use it as tools, such as an axe and a bucket. They use woods to build shelters, chests, and fire pits.

Another Roblox review for this mode is when you play with this Roblox Survivor mode. You will be impressed with the overall style. It was a bit difficult at first because you start with a very little supply. However, once you build up your house, establish a small tree farm, and started growing some vegetables and fruits like corn, tomato, etc., you will find yourself pretty secured. Some players might use Roblox hack to fast gather their resources. The animal encounter will also be a pretty confusing and disturbing situation, for example bear. To avoid bear, actually you just have to climb up for the hill where it can’t chase you.

Some players will meet each other in some times. But, with a very large map, it is pretty scarce and the communication is extremely limited.  This is very realistic and will give you an eerie feeling of seclusion. However, despite the lack communication, the Roblox review for this game is pretty high.

Roblox Survivor mode is published on March 14, 2013. Only in one month, the mode acquired more than 680,000 visitors with averages about 22,000 visitors per day. The mode is playable for all ages since the nature of the game is not really violence. As a matter of fact, this mode is a good job which posts a pop game. This is a really good mode for survival enthusiasts and a max Roblox review is addressed to this mode.