Township Guide: Preparing, Creating, and Upgrading Super Region

Township as the game of city building offers the players with Super Regions. It offers you the region sets in wide range in order to create money, items as well as to generally allow the experience of advanced game play. Military Base and Outpost are the smaller Super Regions which are used in this Township warfare and sieges. Every Super Region will get “glowstone” ring to mark their area and to make the area visible for another player when it is created. For towns, the size of ring and Super Region can also increase if the tier of Township is upgraded. Below is the Township guide that consists of some important points when you prepare, create, and upgrade Super Region.

  • Preparing Super Region

This Township guide is about some points you need to keep in mind before creating Super Region. Central structure of Township is Hall region, while central structure of Outpost is CommmandTent. If central structure is destroyed, the outpost or town of that central structure can also be destroyed. Each town’s tier has the required structures. The structure provides beneficial range for a town such as to increase citizen capacity, to produce power for your citizen and town, and to produce the items from mines, quarries, and farms. When you position the Township, you are allowed to consider biomes.

  • Creating Super Region

The next Township guide is related to the things you should know when creating Super Region. When you are going to create Township, you must firstly build CouncilRoom. CouncilRoom itself is the term used to call Hall region of Township’s first tier (Tribe). You can buy it at Township shop using the currency of Township game called Souls. You will be able to create Township of your own after the CouncilRoom is created. After that, you could buy your first Super Region from town shop called Tribe. When you are going to create the Outpost, follow same steps for creating Township.

  • Upgrading Super Region

Firstly, your town has to fulfill the requirements of next tier in Super Region. This is needed to upgrade your Super Region. For example, you will need to create five housing regions into sitting chamber of your tribe. After creating those housing regions, then you are able to upgrade the Tribe into next tier known as Hamlet. You will not only need to prepare, create, and upgrade the Super Region, but also maintain your Super Region and Township power as well as add more people to reach the ultimate win. Besides, to reach the win there is also Township hack that you may want to use as well. Lastly, hopefully this Township guide is useful for you.